As with so many other aspects of our lives, education is now inextricably linked to technology. This technology has the ability to connect us all through the Internet providing ready access to the most complete, universally accessible source of human experience.

Unfortunately apposite technology is not evenly distributed across educational institutions. In addition, budget constraints often prevent regular renewal without which current equipment provision can quickly be rendered obsolete.

To continue their studies at home, students need appropriate technology to assist them there too. Historically the cost, form factor and performance of suitable technology have proved to be major barriers to delivering this ideal.

Where access to technology is restricted or the technology unsuited to requirement, this digital divide leads to inequality and has a detrimental impact on young people from all backgrounds. Not only are they disadvantaged by lack of access to the aforementioned accepted value of technology but they also miss out on the benefits of enhanced teaching methods that rely on technology to flourish.

The lack of appropriate technology ensures that under-resourced students are being subjected to an inadequate education.

Our Vision

Working in association with a dedicated community and commercial partners, BriteFutures intends to overcome the digital divide by delivering the ILP. This affordable, connected and purpose-made Individual Learning Platform will be a readily portable device for students to use at home and in their place of education. Students will no longer be disadvantaged by lack of suitable technology. Instead they will own a capable device suited to both consumption and creativity.

Cost will not be a barrier to access. Developed world students will pay for the devices by monthly subscription. Disadvantaged students will be provided with subsidised ILPs. Biennial device renewal will ensure that students do not find their ILP becomes outdated and ineffective.

Upon completion of life with students in the developed world, the ILPs will be shipped to the developing world for reconditioning and distribution to local students.

To ensure that the ILP helps realise the promise of a revolution in education, BriteFutures will build a community through which educators can themselves drive change. Technology in education has so much more to offer than being used merely as a tool for research and improved presentation. Exploited correctly and with an ILP in the hands of every student, technology can be the enabler that finally delivers personalised, individual learning. Students can learn in a fashion that suits them personally thus achieving the very best from their studies.


Individual Learning Platform

To survive student life for 2 years in the developed world and then a further 2 years in the developing world, the ILP will be a ruggedised, readily portable tablet computer with accompanying detachable keyboard case. The design will use an Intel chipset and commonly available components to ensure that it is affordable and full featured. Performance will be more than sufficient for mainstream computing tasks.

For use in the broadest range of environments, it will be possible to connect a variety of standard peripherals including USB devices, HDMI screen, and Bluetooth keyboard and pointing device. The battery will provide sufficient life for persistent usage throughout the school day. If required, it will be possible to connect external power without compromising the connectivity options of the ILP.

  • Affordable Payments via Subscription
  • 2-in-1 Device
  • Detachable Keyboard
  • Readily Portable
  • Ruggedised
  • School Day Endurance
  • Performance for Education
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Bluetooth


The ILP is provided on an equal and universal basis. Developed world students will be provided with a device by BriteFutures in return for small, affordable, monthly payments. This will ensure that ILPs are readily accessible to all.

For those identified as disadvantaged, the monthly subscription will be subsidised to ensure that the cost remains affordable.